Pork Hot Potstickers





Wheat Flour, Ground Pork, Cabbage, Tofu, Chili, Ginger, Green onion, Soy sauce (soy beans), Salt, Sugar, Rice wine, Spices, Water ,Canola oi

Cooking Instructions

1.Add 2 tsp.(10ml)cooking oil in a non-stick pan, heat up and then place 18 frozen Potstickers in a single layer.

2.When the Potsticker’ bottom become a little yellow, add 1 cup (250ml) of hot water. Cover pan and heat to boil, use medium fire steam for 5 minutes, remove cover and let the remaining water evaporate.

3.Ensure internal temperature reaches 74 (165)

4.Reduce heat to medium and cook until one side of each potstickers become brown (crisp). Put potstickers on a dish and serve. Beware hot fluid inside.

Additional information

Weight 470 g


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